About Duke Song

I am an independent consultant with extensive knowledge and background in the medical device market and industry since year 2007. My professional career has been focused on the promotion and development of global businesses manufacturing medical and aesthetic devices and other related technologies.


Aside from being an independent consultant, I am also a medical writer/researcher, council member consultant of GLG, and incorporator of Brighlans, Inc., a consultancy and content management company.


Company Incorporator of Brighlans, Inc.

Independent Consultant

Career & Education


  • Independent Consultant

  • Medical Writer/Researcher

  • GLG Council Member Consultant

  • Incorporator of Brighlans, Inc.


  • Director, Product Management & Business Development of Lutronic Corporation

  • Senior Area Manager, Sales & Marketing of Lutronic Corporation

  • Manager, Global Clinical Affairs of Lutronic Corporation


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine)

  • Doctor of Dental Medicine (Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine)

Published Papers

Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

"Synergistic effects of using novel home-use 660- and 850-nm light-emitting diode mask in combination with hyaluronic acid ampoule on photoaged Asian skin: A prospective, controlled study”

Medical Lasers

"Footprints in Laser Medicine and Surgery: Beginnings, Present, and Future" 

Herald Journal of Light & Laser: Current Trends

"Dynamic Thermal Optimization - An Intelligent Technology to Maximize the Consistency of Tissue Coagulation"

Biomedical Optics Express

"Visualization of laser tattoo removal treatment effects in a mouse model by two-photon microscopy"

Brighlans, Inc.

Brighlans, Inc.

Brighlans, Inc. is a consultancy and content management company catering to the global medical/aesthetic market, but not limited to those. It provides strategic business insights, branding and content support, and other relevant efforts.


  • Background in the global medical/aesthetic industry

  • Expertise in energy-based technology

  • Professional writers, proofreaders, editors

  • Quality-assured localization

  • Seasoned business and creative consultants

  • Wide global network





비지니스 컨설턴시 I Business Consultancy

프로덕트 메니지먼트 I Product Management

임상 메니지먼트 I Clinical Management

수출 채널 발굴 I Sales Channel Development


Content Creation


학술 논문 작성 I Study Paper

화이트페이퍼 작성 I White Paper

프레젠테이션 작성 I Presentation

영문 컨텐츠 작성 I Content Writing

영문 교정 I English Proofreading

의학 전문 통역 I Medical Interpretation

논문 검색 I Published Paper Search


Online Development


홈페이지 제작 I Website Development

대리점 자료 공유 사이트 I BrightShare

병원 위치 검색 플랫폼 I Physicians Locator

홈페이지 트래픽 분석 I Website Analysis

SNS 및 블로그 컨텐츠 제작 I SNS & Blog

페이스북/인스타그램 운영 I Facebook & Instagram


Designed Material


브랜드 가이드 I Brand Guide

인쇄물 디자인 I Print Design

그래픽 디자인 I Graphic Design

웹 디자인 I Web Design

일러스트레이션 I Illustration

인포그래픽 I Infographic

프레젠테이션 디자인 I Presentation Design


Video Production


2D & 3D 에니메이션 I 2D & 3D Animation

시술 가이드 영상 I Treatment Video

SNS 홍보 영상 I SNS Video

자막 작업 I Subtitling

트랜스크립션 I Transcription

다국어 원어민 나레이션 I BrightVoiceover



M: +63.917.715.4240​

M: +82.10.2462.4240​