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Brighlans is a business consultancy company. We have various client companies that we are consulting. Our business consultancy service covers business strategies, brand management, product management, clinical management, overseas sales channel development, but not limited to those. 

The steps below provide you with a glance at how we partner with our freelancers and provide project opportunities. 


1. During our consultancy service, we propose to our client companies to consider the production of some marketing materials.


2. The client will decide and confirm their willingness to produce some marketing materials. 

3. We develop concept, write contents, summarize details, and showcase the project opportunities to our registered freelancers. The announcement email will send to all of our registered freelancers.


4. Each freelancer will review and submit their best service rate


5. We will pick up 2 to 3 candidate freelancers and propose their rates to our client company. 


6. Our client company will finally pick up 1 freelancer among the candidate freelancers. 

7. The confirmed project moves forward with the freelancer finally picked up.


No replies regarding freelancer's proposed rate mean that the submissions are not picked up by the client due to either budget issues or any other reasons.

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