Cosmetic Tattooing

Faint eyebrows? Pale lips? Double eyelids? Worry no more COSMETIC TATTOOING will solve your beauty problems! Cosmetic Tattooing is considered as the newest trend in the health and beauty industry. The process is no different from manual tattooing which uses needles which penetrates in the skin then releases pigments. Thus, proper sterilization and techniques are key. In fact, if one wants to wake up with makeup, work all day with makeup, and even gym with makeup, this COSMETIC TATTOOING is probably made for you. Find out more below:

The Process of Cosmetic Tattooing:

1. Patch test will be conducted to the patient in order to see if he/she is allergic to the pigments.

2. A makeup artist will help the patient choose the style and color that fits him/her.

3. The technician would sketch on the area to be tattooed with the use of a sterile surgical pen.

4. Anesthetic gel will be applied on the skin.

5. The pigment would be applied using a vibrating needle.

6. The procedure is done, yet it would take about three weeks for the color to fade to its permanent shade.


· Lessens the daily hassle of applying make-up, every time one goes out.

· Helps those who are allergic to ordinary make-up.

· Helps the ones who find it hard applying their own make-ups due to movement impairments such as people with conditions like post-stroke.

· Enhances the natural beauty of oneself. (Having lip tattoo on the outside of the lip line to enlarge the lips, etc.)


· There are instances where the numbing solutions applied to the skin causes numbness to the whole area it is applied and leads to discomfort.

· Lip-procedures may develop blisters in a long while after the process.

· Dissatisfaction among the patients may happen, and definitely in some cases there is no going back although laser tattoo removal treatment might be an only considerable option.

· Granulomas which are masses that form inside tissues may occur and this may cause overgrowths of raised scar.

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