Fruits for the skin

“You are what you eat,” a famous saying many believe when talking about the proper care for one’s body. By just simply incorporating FRUITS in one’s lifestyle, a healthy-glowing skin can be easily achieved all at once. Eating fruits helps in rejuvenating, nourishing and hydrating the skin. With this, it is possible to improve the skin’s texture and complexion on a regular basis, making it better day after day. Here is the list of some fruits that will help bring the radiance back to the skin:

· BANANAS – Containing high levels of potassium, iron, and magnesium, Bananas are good for moisturizing the skin, making it look fuller and younger. They also contain vitamins A, B, and E, which work as anti-aging agents. Bananas help the skin maintain its flexibility and elasticity.

· LEMONS – Vitamin C is an A+ for the skin. Thus, these are also known as the “Nature’s Bleach.” Lemons are known for lightening and toning the skin by reducing blemishes and dark spots. Moreover, lemons help in cleansing the pores in the skin, removing the clogs which may cause acne.

· PAPAYAS – When talking about foods for the skin, it is impossible to not to mention, papayas. Without a doubt, these are widely used in the beauty industry and come in many forms such as soaps, lotions, cleansers and facial peels. Papaya contains vitamin A which boosts the skin’s color, making it appear glowing. Additionally, papayas are great antioxidant for they help regulate the digestion.

· APPLES – The richest source of Malic acid are apples. Malic acid helps to the renewal of the skin cells to bring out firmer and healthier skin. Also, apples are high in fiber and fibers are known for cleansing the skin and regulating the bowel movements. And when the bowel movement of a person runs smoothly, the skin is healthy and blemish-free.