Getting rid of the inevitable pimple.

Acne Vulgaris, aka ‘pimple’ is a common skin problem which is the product of the clogging of dead skin cells and oil on one’s pores, resulting to swelling, and redness of the pore. It may occur on the face, neck, chest and even one’s back. It can also grow into big, red lumps which are much more painful.

Acne is very common among teenagers, usually brought by puberty. During puberty, hormone changes occur, and that can result to oilier skin. Acne is also hereditary, if one member of the family had severe acne, their children will most likely to have it as well.

How to get rid of ACNE?

· Avoid pore-clogging skin products, search for “noncomedogenic” in the labels

· Wash skin with soap or acne wash at least once a day

· Avoid scrubbing, picking, or applying force on pimples

· Avoid wearing too much make up

· Exercise daily, this is good for the whole body especially for the skin

· Consult a dermatologist, have a regular check-up

· Discontinue eating high-cholesterol foods

One’s everyday habit is a huge factor that affects the skin. That is why taking good care of oneself is very important as well as having a balanced-diet, especially for teenagers who are much more prone to acne. When severe acne occurs, the best decision is to consult a dermatologist so that proper care would be provided.