Skin Basics: A Closer Look at Your Skin Structure, Biology, and Function

Did you know that the skin is your heaviest organ? If you didn’t, I believe it’s time you learn about your skin structure a bit more closely.

Have you ever wondered about your skin structure and its function? Maybe not? You probably see it as a pretty wrapper or a normal part of your body. Whatever you think, chances are you’re not giving this impressive organ enough credit for its work.

That said, we wanted you to see your skin’s importance before the National Healthy Skin Month, which is only two months away.

As your largest and heaviest organ, the skin covers an average of 20 ft². It has three layers: epidermis and dermis, and subcutaneous (fat layer). Each layer has specific functions such as protection, sensation, regulation, secretion, storage, and so many more. It’s a flimsy organ, but it houses uncountable blood vessels, sweat and sebaceous glands, nerve endings, hair bulbs, and many different cells.

The skin is your body’s unsung hero, so make sure you give it the love it deserves!

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