Vegetables for the skin

Eating correct amounts of food and having a balanced diet can provide your skin the vital nutrients it needs to stay healthy and blemish-free. Vegetables are one of the regulators of this balanced diet. They contain the most powerful antioxidants which protect the skin from cellular damages caused by free radicals--smoking, pollution, and too much sunlight. These are the potent antioxidants towards a soft, toned, and radiant skin.

· Carrots are high in beta carotene or vitamin A when converted by the body. With this, the skin could be healthier and could have lesser wrinkles. They can also help the skin appear more firm and plump. Mix-grated carrots, carrot juice and shake, and baby carrot snacks are the most convenient ways to eat them.

· Spinaches are rich source of vitamins A and C, which are the key helpers in bringing out the glow of the skin and in repairing skin cells. They are also loaded with antioxidants which flush out the toxins, to tone the skin for it to appear radiant. Spinaches are usually boiled and added to salads.

· Aside from water, cucumbers also contain ascorbic acid or vitamin C and caffeic acid. These two soothe the skin irritations and reduces swelling. Cucumbers are also well-known for its ability to rejuvenate and fade dark circles around the eyes. Placing 2 cucumber slices on both eyes will make this work. Cucumber juices and shakes, and eating cucumbers alongside with other viands are the quickest ways to have cucumber.

· Tomatoes contain high percentage of nutrients which are beneficial for the skin. One of these is the lycopene which has anti-aging properties and has a built-in sunscreen protection. Tomatoes also help tighten pores and prevent pimples. Adding tomatoes to several dishes in a puree form are usually done, yet, eating them raw and applying its pulp on your skin can be done too.

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