Vitamin C fuels the healthy skin.

Vitamin C is one of the most well-known nutrients for it is widely available. Even the human body can regulate Vitamin C through its own cells. Vitamin C is also necessary for the restoration of tissues inside the body that is why Vitamin C has to be taken on a daily basis. It also strengthens the immunity system of the body, thus protecting the body from diseases.

The most important ingredient in skin care products is no other than Vitamin C. Thus, it provides a protective shield against the sun and its effectiveness is widespread that it was one of the key ingredients used in cosmetics. Vitamin C plays a huge role in the protection of the skin, and here are its uses:

· It is necessary for the production of collagen – Collagen rejuvenates the roots of the skin to prevent skin-aging. Collagen also tones and gives color to the skin.

· It helps heal wounds – Vitamin C repairs and replaces the damaged tissues inside the wound, healing it faster than usual. Vitamin C also improves the elasticity of the skin and creates scar tissues and ligaments for a quick recovery of the wound.

· It serves as a sun protection - Vitamin C contains antioxidants which protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation caused by excessive exposure to the sun.

· It improves the skin texture - Vitamin C is necessary for the rapid formation of elastin which is the protector and healer the skin cells. The elastin also helps in thickening the skin cells which results to the increase in skin circulation and the maintenance of the skin surface’s moisture.